The Gods

The Pantheon of Gods that rule over the world are split into three tiers: the Eternal who rule over humanity and the other gods, the Table of 13, who have some influence over their attributed powers in the world, and the Minor Powers who have very little control and are generally forgotten or unworshipped.

The Eternal

  • The Unconquered Sun
  • The Father of Storms
  • The Mother of the Harvest
  • The Iron Queen
  • The Lord of the Deep

The Table of 13

  • The Eternal Hammerer
  • The Artificer
  • The Honor-bound Soldier
  • The Vain Warrior
  • The Lord of Carnage
  • The Master of Coin
  • The Deceiver
  • The Sorrowful Vassal
  • The Shieldmaiden
  • The Reeve
  • The Young Hunter
  • The Travelling Scribe
  • The Hearth Maker

The Known Minor Powers

  • The Old Man of the Forest
  • The Martyr
  • The Punisher of Broken Oaths
  • The Feeder of Strays
  • The Wanderng Child
  • The Sacred Fire
  • The Claws on the Snow
  • The Dead Giant
  • The Cold Ashes
  • The Grey Brothers

The Gods

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