Weskall is a nation which controls a moderately sized peninsula in the southern hemisphere. They are well known for their craftsmen and the high quality horses that they breed. Their equestrian traditions make them a strong warriors. Strong enough to resist the expansions of the Tayrnost Empire.

It has a dry climate with fertile plains and a lengthy coastline with many natural harbors. Its neighbors are the Witan to the south seperated by the southern sea, it shares a narrow border with Tayrnost on its west side, and they have a strong connection to the Kounamkratia’s trade fleet due to swift ocean currents though the two nations are geographically distant.

A feudal system with a hereditary monarchy. The serf class is better treated than in the Tayrnost Empire with incentives to be productive. The Royal family appoints Grandees that rule over large areas and report to the King’s ministers.

Interior: The majority of the population are herders and farmers. The middle class are horse traders and merchants. They have relatively small cities built around fortresses.
Coast: The amount of natural harbors makes the coastal people strong in fishing and trading. Most people live in small, well protected cities.

Weskall, Trade, Kounam, Common


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